Sindh Governor: PTI leader Imran Ismail will take oath today


Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) senior leader Imran Ismail will take the oath as Sindh Governor on Monday (today).

Imran Ismail will become 33rd Governor Sindh as he will take the oath today. Chief Justice Sindh High Court will take oath from him at Governor House Karachi. Imran Ismail nominated as Governor Sindh by Prime Minister Imran Khan. Previously, Muhammad Zubair stepped down from the post after Pakistan Election 2018.

PTI formally announced Imran Ismail as Sindh Governor on 11th August.

In an announcement following his designation to the post, Ismail had expressed gratitude toward PM Imran for entrusting him with the duty and said he sought to assume the part of a scaffold between the federal and provincial government for the advancement of the general population of Sindh.

Ismail had additionally said that he needed to take every single political party along and guaranteed that he would take extra funds from the central government for the improvement and advancement of Sindh.

Imran Ismail’s academic qualification is just intermediate and PTI is facing criticism over his nomination. However, he clarified that he is a leather technician by profession and studied from Italy and United States. He further elaborated that he mentioned all details in his nomination form.


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