Sindh Police will allow recruitment of transgender people


In Sindh Police, transgender people will be able to join the service.

In Sindh Police, transgender people will be able to perform duty as regular police officers, as revealed by IG Sindh. He further added that it was time to offer more opportunities to a group relegated to menial jobs in government.

After years of sometimes brutal persecution, transgender Pakistanis gained recognition in 2009 when the Supreme Court granted them special status with rights equal to other citizens. While discrimination still persists, the move to allow transgender police recruits would be a significant step for the community, activists say.

Inspector General of the Sindh Police, Syed Kaleem Imam, said that transgender people are good God-gifted people. Citizens like us. So we should stand by them.

According to 2017 census, there are 10,418 transgender people in the country of 207 million, but rights group Charity Trans Action Pakistan estimates there are at least 500,000.


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