Six Coal Miners Die of Suffocation Inside Coal Mine in FATA


Six miners died from suffocation at Tuesday night in a coal mine after gas overfilled inside it. The Mine situated in Kala Khel area on the boarder of FR Kohat and FR Peshawar was overfilled with gas while the laborers were working inside. Due to not having access to safety equipment, such as gas masks, they died due to getting suffocated.

According to news source, the gas produced from coals filled the mine number 10. Azizullah, Nisar, Kareemullah and Shah Syed were amongst the people who died. This mine was one of the 30 in the area and workers from Mingora in Swat and Dir work there for a living.

Sources indicate that the laborers and miners in these mines are not provided with any safety equipment or device, due to which many suffocate inside. Some mines even explode as the gasses produced by the coals can be highly flammable and even one match stick can cause a huge explosion. The explosion cause mines to collapse and many instances of such collapses have occurred in these mines.


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