Woman Pushed Off by In-Laws Along With Infant in Karachi


KARACHI: What earlier was claimed as a suicide, turns out into a Murder by the in-laws. The woman was pushed off by her in-laws along with her baby in Delhi Colony area of Karachi.

According to police reports, the woman, Rimsha, was tortured by her in-laws before being pushed off the building. The mother-in-law and brother-in-law have been arrested over the charge of murder for the crime.

The police further stated that the deceased had marks of rope tightening on the neck. Rimsha’s husband was not in Karachi at that time and was a resident of Dubai.

The in-laws at first had come to the police station reporting that the deceased committed suicide off the roof of the building. After which the women’s parents had lodged a case.

During the initial investigation, SSP South, Sheraz Nazir said that the victim had jumped off the fourth or third floor of the building in Karachi with infant daughter.

But after further investigation it turned out the deceased was a victim of murder by the in-laws who pushed her off along with infant child from the floor.


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