Supreme Court Bans Bahria Town from Selling Property In Karachi


KARACHI: The Supreme Court of Pakistan has just ruled verdict and banned Bahria Town from selling any property in the city.

The decision came from a three-member bench, headed by Justice Ejaz Afzal Khan. The bench ruled that all the land that was allotted to Bahria Town is illegal.

The bench has also ordered NAB to investigate into Malir Development Authority’s land that was illegally sold off by Bahria Town to people.

The Court has also issued directives that the investigations should be finished within 3 months with a special-bench incharge of it.

The court verdict includes a report on how land transactions done between Bahria Town and the Sindh Government to date were legalized.

The Supreme Court ordered NAB to investigate the case and file cases against all those who are found responsible for aiding the crime in any form.


  1. for any civilized nation is necessary to follow the rules and regulation as the matter of supreme court of pakistan is the countrys utmost court has the right to explane the statute of the country should be respected and abide the him at any cast.we should understand court always sees in national and broad spectrum.


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