SC Cease Additional Charges From Applying on Mobile Phone Postpaid Services


SC Terminated Additional Charges From Applying on Mobile Phone Postpaid Services

A three-member counsel led by Chief Justice of Pakistan, in the Supreme Court, to hear the case of the issue of tax deduction from mobile phone companies. Mobile phone postpaid services have been deducting a lot of money on each phone recharge.

Chief Justice Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar stressed on the fact that a common man loads a card worth 100 rupees, and gets 25 rupees after the tax cuts. CJP asked, “What is the meaning of service charges?”

According to the Advocate General, Ahmed Osa, the Punjab government is currently paying about 2 billion rupees a month, while Advocate General Sindh said that the state is having a loss of about 1 billion a month.

In reply, the Chief Justice said that the thing that is causing the most harm, is the additional taxes taken from people that the mobile services companies are launching.

Chief Justice Saqib Nisar further said that if a common man who does heavy labor all day, gets little money to buy bread and credits, the credits will cost more than the bread. He can either buy bread or credits. The Chief Justice further asks the mobile service companies to stop the corruption of your services.

On the other hand, the FBR lawyer said that 25 rupees goes to the customer’s mobile phone, but the rest of the money goes to the government.

The Additional Attorney General also added during the hearing that some time will be taken to take action as the federal and provincial governments demanded time.


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