Suzuki Attracts Car Lovers With Amazing Financing Deals


Redefined, modernized and revolutionary all words that define the new AGS technology by Suzuki found in Alto, Wagon R and Cultus. Suzuki, a brand that has satisfied the needs of drivers all over Pakistan since 1982 with its vast understanding of the domestic market and its needs, brings you the AGS or the Automated Manual transmission system allows drivers to use manual drive technology with the comforts of an automatic transmission providing both an interactive and practical ride for the daily drive.

AGS technology incorporates an electronic actuator with a 5-speed manual gear box this results in gear changing automatically based on the cars speed and the load the engine is taking. This manual gear change is especially useful when going uphill or in situations that demand manual gear shifting, whereas the automatic transmission element preserves fuel efficiency and is a convenience for drivers in traffic and busy roads that require constant changing of gears. For the experienced driver who is able to master the AGS gear change your Suzuki car will be considerably faster than its manual counterpart without the hassles of traditional manual gear shifting.

The new Suzuki AGS system is also proven to be more superior to both automatic and manual versions when it comes to fuel efficiency, since the gear changes are automatically controlled allowing changes only at the optimal shift point and if the extreme saving on fuel isn’t enough the new Suzuki AGS system essentially being an automatic transmission allows easy and cheap maintenance resulting in less frequent trips for maintenance, a problem commonly associated with manual transmission cars.

Suzuki as a brand has also paid much attention to car financing ensuring you receive the best quality with the least impact on your bank account this is done allowing customers to save amounts as high as 198,466 by free periodic maintenance for 1 year (saving 24,609) as well as free registration (saving 21,000) another appeal to customers is the companies own markup (saving 79,500) and insurance rates (saving 81,264) tailor made for the Wagon R AGS and Alto AGS understanding the domestic market, Suzuki has worked together with several banks such as MCB, Bank Alfalah, Faysal Bank and Bank Al Habib to bring you the most affordable and applicable financing plans for your new Suzuki car.

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