Temperature in Karachi Expected to Hike Up to 40°C Today


Temperature in Karachi is Predicted to Go Up to 40°C Today

On Saturday, the Pakistan Metrological Department (PMD) said that the temperature in Karachi is predicted to sour high.

Karachi is expected to get blasted with another hot day with the temperated predicted to sour up to a scorching high of 40 degrees Celsius.

Since past week, the heatwave has been a huge concern for many citizens of Karachi, and the Pakistan Metrological Department does not see the heatwave reducing soon. In fact, they have announced that there are chances of the temperature rising further.

According to PMD’s Director Shahid Abbas, Karachi’s weather is expected to sour up to 38°C to 40°C.

“Sea winds will change direction with winds from the north-west being the reason for the hot weather,” PMD director added.

To make it even worse for the citizens of Karachi, the increase of power outage and load shedding by K-Electric has added more worry to the lives of the residents. Due to this, the purchase of cold beverages and ice blocks have statistically increased.

The outage of power supply was suspended to several areas within the city between 5 am and 6 am. The affected areas included Defence View, Defense Housing Authority, Teachers Society, Model Colony, and Malir.

According to sources, further suspended of power supply were also received from Tariq Bin Ziad Colony, Gulberg, parts of Clifton, Akhtar Colony, Kashmir Colony, and Mehmoodabad.

On Tuesday, the temperature was recorded to a wave between a 38.5 degrees high and 26.5 degrees low, the Met office reported.


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