Thar coal project will assist to produce gas, steel, and fertilizer


According to sources, Thar coal project will significantly assist the country to produce gas, steel, and fertilizer.

Thar coal project is much crucial for both Sindh and Pakistan. Recently, Thar Coal Power Project started the 330 MW electricity production that will be added to the national grid. According to the Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company (SECMC) spokesperson, the development is historic and initially 330 MW will be generated and distributed to the national grid. However, electricity production will be made in different stages.

On the other side, electricity production is not the only possible use of Thar coal. Gas, fertilizer, and steel can be produced out of it – in some, it is used directly as raw material and in some, it is used as a source of energy.

There are several uses of Thar coal such as in cement, tiles, and glass-making industry. However, the economy of Pakistan can be energized and industrialized by saving foreign exchange and bringing growth in the economy.

The Gas resources in Pakistan are depleting fast. There is a limit to LNG imports which drain foreign exchange. There has been no discovery of a significant gas field in Pakistan for a long time. Kekra-1 offshore may be a welcome development after many years.

Thar coal project also has a great scope related to the fertilizer manufacturing. However, the fertilizer is being produced in China from coal. In China, 50 million tons per annum (mtpa) of urea is produced from coal gasification, out of a total urea production of 70 mtpa. Mainly, Anthracite and sub-bituminous coal are used reportedly.


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