The Funeral Procession for Imam Hassan Al-Askari Will Begin Today


The Funeral Procession for Imam Hassan Al-Askari Will Begin Today

On 17 November 2018, today, the main procession for Imam Hassan Al-Askari’s martyrdom will take place. The main jalos (procession) is reportedly said to take place from Nishtar Park to the end Imambargah Hussainia Iranian.

Annually, the 8th Rabiul Awwal is marked as the martyrdom anniversary of Maula Imam Hasan Askari (A.S). Processions take place on this day every year in his memory.

On this day, a procession called ‘silent condolence’ is carried out in the form of a morning walk. The procession is reportedly said to have fixed routes which include the MA Jinnah Road, the President’s house, Light House and would end at Imambargah Hussainia Iranian.

Police and Rangers have designed tough security measures for these fixed routes, according to the scheduled timing of the protests. On this occasion, the processions will begin at 8 am in the morning and will conclude at the Imambargah Hussainia Iranian Kharadar at 11:30. The overall traffic situation of the city will be effected.

Procession will go from the High Court, the President’s house, and tower. Apart from this, the second procession will be conducted from the Qamish Masood Rizvi Society, and will continue from the central prison from Lisbella.

Lasbella and Teen Talwar will be cleared of the processions by 10 pm, the road from Gurumander to the jail will remain open during the night. Due to the protests, Federal B Area and the Nazimabad will be closed, so using the university road and Shahrah-e-Faisal is a good option.


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