The United States Imposed Travel Restrictions on Pakistan


Washington: The United States imposed travel restrictions on Pakistan. Now, Pakistani officials cannot travel freely in the United States. According to sources, US officials and Trump Administration confirmed the news.

In a meeting with Voice of America’s Uzbek benefit, Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Thomas Shannon said this limitation was set in light of similar conditions Islamabad has forced on US representatives in Pakistan.

Shannon focused on this is just the same old thing new and such advances are normal issues.

A few media reports not long ago recommended that Pakistani negotiators in the US were advised to look for authorization before they go past specific cutoff points.

US Embassy in Islamabad Denied News

The Foreign Office and US Embassy in Islamabad denied travel restrictions on Pakistan. However, Trump’s management as of late conveyed to the Pakistani government that its negotiators positioned here could confront confinements in their movement development if comparable constraints on American representatives in Pakistan are not facilitated up.

A senior authority disclosed that the notice turned out half a month back and the two sides have been talking about the proposition and its conceivable result from that point forward. The authority additionally demanded that the notice had nothing to do with the lethal street mishap a week ago when a Pakistani resident was murdered by a US ambassador.

Full details are not available yet, but rather the authority uncovered that the strategic staff would require consent no less than five days ahead from US specialists to movement outside of the forced 25-mile radius. The new confinements could produce results from May 1.


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