There is no threat to 18th amendment, President Arif Alvi


President Dr Arif Alvi revealed that there is not any threat to the 18th amendment.

Arif Alvi said that the aim of 18th amendment is to give autonomy to provinces. There is no threat to the amendment but, there is a chance for improvement in the law.

He further added that the federation has its own role to play so it should have the upper hand in some areas. Arif Alvi said that there are also agreements with the other countries on which federation is acting as a signatory.

The president said without precedent for the historical backdrop of the nation, all the three establishments – the common initiative, the legal executive and the military – are in agreement. The administration, legal executive, and the military are working in full congruity, he included.

Nonetheless, he said the ongoing clash between government and Sindh isn’t identified with the eighteenth amendment as guaranteed by the PPP that rules Sindh however to debasement. He said that the JIT report incorporates names of individuals from Sindh yet it isn’t on the right track to utilize Sindh Card to counter the report.


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