Traders Strike in Karachi will begin today, business community is divided


There will be a traders strike in Karachi and other cities of Pakistan. However, the business community is still divided as one group is opposing the strike.

Over traders strike in Karachi, the business community is having conflicts. APAT or All Pakistan Anjuman e Tajiran called a shutter down against the new sales tax policies imposed on them. However after having words with the Punjab government traders in Lahore continued running their businesses while traders in Karachi still continued with the strike.

Whereas, one traders committee is plead with that the government will listen to their demand and they should not continue with their strikes on Thursday. While other group called Tajir Action Committee will still continue with their shutter down as they demand the change of the new clause by FBR, to show CNIC at time when the purchase over Rs,50,000. They want to pressurize the government to fulfill their demand about continuing with their old terms and conditions with the government.

FBR chairman Shabber Zaidi said that the new policy that is imposed on the traders is to verify if the trader is registered or not, more than 60% of the traders running their businesses in Pakistan are not registered and hence they don’t pay their taxes. The government wanted to make the traders clear in their mind that each and everyone should pay their tax to run their successful businesses as it’s their responsibility.


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