Traffic Wardens Interfered By Air Commodore From Doing Job


RAWALPINDI: A dispute had broken out between a retired air commodore and traffic wardens when they refused to obey his orders. The retired air commodore Ziaur Rehman arrived with air force personnel when the traffic wardens were about to fine a woman.

A civilian recorded the incident on his phone and since then its causing sparks all over the internet. When traffic wardens disobeyed orders from the air commodore (retd) Ziaur Rehman air force personnel, heated language started to exchange. When bystanders questioned this act of injustice and high handedness, the official approached them with the same tone of language. Then the video shows a bystander asking if the air force personnel will hit him. The air force personnel is shown to reply to it in affirmation.

This is not the first time where the armed forces have been shows abusing their powers. Such people tarnish the name of great heroes who have sacrificed their lives for the sake of the country. Similar examples have also been noted to surface from time to time where such officials have been shown subjugating the law.

The air force spokesperson was unavailable to speak on this incident, however; Group Captain Nadeem said that a compromise had been struck. The woman in the car was about to be fined for parking infraction and lost her temper.


  1. Certainly its looking that the traffic warden was according to the traffic laws, traffic rules for the civilian and the citizen both should be equal. I think there is no right to interfered by the air commodore.


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