Tribal People of North Waziristan End Protest After Security Assurance


PESHAWAR: The tribal people of North Waziristan ended their protest against target killings after successful negotiations.

The tribespeople of North Waziristan ended their protest after political administration had ensured security. The political administration has decided to patrol the areas along with army personnel. Army personnel will also be deployed at entrances and exit points of the area.

The issue pertaining to the compensation that is to be paid to the locals will be solved soon as well.

North Waziristan residents were protesting since the past five days against target killings of locals.

The protesters were demanding security and ensuring end of target killing. The tribespeople, who are returning to their homes after their large-scale displacement following military operation Zarb-e-Azb in June 2014.

The tribal people said they sacrificed their homes, moving to camps and faced hardships on a daily basis. They added that it was only so peace would be restored in Waziristan.


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