Two Absconders from Kasur Anti Judicial Rally Arrested


LAHORE: Two absconders from Kasur anti judicial rally have been arrested. Both the absconders were part of the rally from PML-N where the protesters used abusive language against judiciary.

Kasur Baitul Maal Chairperson Nasir Mehmood and Market Committee Chairperson Jameel Ahmed had been absconding ever since the rally was held. Kasur District Police Officer Zahid had informed today in court that both had been arrested.

DPO Kasur also informed the judges that the names of the accused, including PML-N Lawmakers Waseem Akhtar and Naeem Safdar, have been placed on the Exit Control List (ECL).

The hearing was being held over a petition submitted by the president of Kasur district bar over use of abusive language against judiciary. The PML-N rally was a reaction against the decision on the period of disqualification in article 62(1)(f). The disqualification was termed to be for a lifetime in the verdict of the case making Nawaz Sharif and Jahangir Tareen both unable to contest the election ever again.


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