Two Prisoners Die “Mysterious” Deaths In Karachi Central Jail


Karachi: Two prisoners of the Karachi Central jail died of “mysterious” cause, late Wednesday night. According to the jail sources, the two prisoners were identified as Naseer and Zahid.

Zahid was found deceased in the jail barracks, whose body was shifted to Civil Hospital. Police said that the other prisoner, Naseer, used to get sick just before he was scheduled to appear in court for hearing.

Because of his continuously deteriorating health, Naseer was taken to the Civil Hospital as well. He passed away while being attended to by the doctors.

There have been quite a number of these so called mysterious deaths reported in Karachi’s prisons. Last year, five prisoners died in January, two in February, two in March, four in April and three in May. The cause of the death of these prisoners has been conveniently been reported to be due to heart failures.


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