US Immigration: United States decided to deport several Pakistanis


The United States decided to deport a significant number of Pakistanis from the country.

The Donald Trump’s government is tightening the US immigration policy. However, The US government decided to deport over 60 Pakistanis who were detained and prosecuted for immigration violations, criminal conduct and other serious charges. USA has arranged a special chartered plane to send these detainees back to Pakistan on Wednesday (tomorrow).

However, the decision to send these people back to Pakistan comes on the heels of a warning issued last month that the United States may withhold immigrant and non-immigrant visas of Pakistani citizens in accordance with its updated list of rules.

On the other side, Pakistan becomes the latest country to join the list of ten countries that are facing such sanctions under law according to which countries refusing to take back deportees and visa over-stayers could be denied America visas.

Under Section 243 (d) of the Immigration and Nationality Act, the Secretary of State is required to discontinue granting immigrant or non-immigrant visas to a nation after notification from the Homeland Security that the country has denied or is unreasonably delaying accepting a citizen, subject, national or resident of that country.


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