Water Crisis: WAPDA is looking to increase Hub Dam capacity


Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) hints to boost the Hub Dam capacity.

WAPDA is planning to increase the Hub Dam capacity to deal with the water crisis in Sindh and Balochistan. In addition, authorities are also planning to develop the power house for the 4MW electricity generation.

As per the arrangement, Wapda will recuperate the dam’s lost stockpiling limit by expelling the dregs stores in the repository. The expansion will be accomplished by exhuming the kept material lying between the dead stockpiling level (276 feet) and ordinary preservation level (339 feet) along the repository’s fringe.

However, the dam was built in 1981 over the Hub River, some 56-kilometers north-east of Karachi. It was intended to supply 102 million gallons for each day (MGD) to Sindh and 59MGD to Balochistan. At the season of its finishing, live water stockpiling limit of the dam was 760,000 section of land feet, which has boiled down to 646,000 section of land feet now.

WAPDA official said that they ideally need to finish this venture with their own particular money related assets. For disposing of the dregs develop, we intend to procure every one of those professedly associated with burrowing and lifting sand and also other buildup stores unlawfully in the connecting territories.

The material uncovered to clean the stores can be provided to building locales close-by in Karachi. They will welcome them to start burrowing soon and will also charge them for this.


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