We Never Feel Scared Despite of Challenges, PIA Female Pilots


Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) first officer Shumaila Mazhar and Captain Maryam Masood said that they never scared despite of challenges.

PIA female pilots got huge popularity last week when the all-female crew made a two way flight between Islamabad and Gilgit. The picture of female pilots duo became popular on social media after their landing.

Both PIA female pilots narrated the details of their journey and revealed that the flight was much challenging. They further added that the flight required a great technique and precision.

Captain Maryam Masood was the 4th female pilot when she joined PIA. She revealed that her aim was to become a doctor and she never thought about becoming a pilot. On the other side, first officer Shumaila Mazhar said that she was fond of flying from the childhood.

Both pilots said that they never feel nervous or depressed in career including the current flight. They further added that they get special training to remain calm in difficult situations.


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