Woman Set Ablaze by In-laws Over Leaving House in Lahore


Lahore: A young woman, Fouzia, was set ablaze by her in-laws over domestic quarrel, in Begum Kot area of Lahore’s Shahdara Town on Tuesday night. She succumbed to her grave burn wounds on Wednesday morning.

27 year old Fouzia married Shamrez, who travelled abroad after some time for employment. But soon afterwards the in-laws of Fouzia started to quarrel with and harass her. She getting tired of all the mental abuse had left and returned to her parents’ home. After continuous convincing of Shamrez over phone, she had gone back to make peace with the in-laws and apologize to them.

But as soon as she returned home, her mother in-law along with her brothers-in-law and wife of one of her brother-in-law doused her in oil and set her ablaze, after which she was taken to the hospital. Case has been lodged against the in-laws of Fouzia and investigation has been launched over this incident after recording the victim’s statement.


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