Zakat Nisab 2021 In Pakistan: Govt Revealed Amount For Current Year

Zakat Nisab 2021

The Zakat Nisab 2021 in Pakistan will be Rs 80,933 for the year 1441-42 Hijri. The Federal Government made the announcement on Sunday (Yesterday).

Zakat is among one of the main pillars of Islam. If a person has assets or money equivalent to the Nisab, then it is obligatory for him/her to pay Zakat to the needy and poor people in the society. However, it is calculated on the basis of person’s wealth.

According to the Zakat Nisab 2021 in Pakistan, 2.5% amount will be deducted from the profit and loss sharing accounts, savings accounts and other related accounts. However, the account’s balance should be Rs 80,933 or more. Account holders who have submitted the Zakat exemption form will not face the deduction.

The month of Ramadan in Pakistan will begin on the evening of April 13 or 14. However, it depends on the moon sighting in Pakistan.


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