Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto being remembered on his 39th Death Anniversary


The founder of Pakistan People’s Party, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s 39th Anniversary is being observed today through-out the country. His efforts in the political sector of the country of Pakistan are considered to be the cornerstone of the state’s modern politics. He was also the first elected Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Achievements while being part of Pakistan Government:

Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was appointed the Interior Minister in the Regime of General Ayub Khan in April of 1963 after the fame of his intelligence had reached the years of the leader of the State. After which he represented Pakistan in the United Nations Organization (UNO) Assembly, giving the world an insight to Pakistan’s importance in the strategic development and peace in the Asian Region. He founded the Pakistan People’s Party on 30th November 1967 and it became one of the most recognized political party’s very soon after it was formed. After the instant recognition achieved by the party, he fought in the elections under the banner of Pakistan People’s Party and became the first Elected Prime Minister in 1973. After his victory the Muslim leaders of the world soon eyed the Pakistani leader with great regard and respect.

Downfall and demise of the great leader:

Even though he had many allies in the leaders of the Muslim World he had also made many enemies in the state, including his rivalry with Bangladesh’s, then East Pakistan, famous leader Sheikh Mujeeb-ur- Rehman, which had caused the split of East Pakistan from West Pakistan. He was arrested in the murder case of Nawab Muhammad Ahmed Khan and on 18th March 1977 he was sentenced to death by the court. He was hanged till death in the Rawalpindi District Jail on 4th April 1979.


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