Akademik Lomonosov: Russia Reveals Floating Nuclear Power Station


Russia launches world’s first floating nuclear power station named Akademik Lomonosov.

Akademik Lomonosov was built in Saint Petersburg and arrived in Murmansk on Thursday. However, it will be later loaded with the nuclear fuel before its departure to the Eastern Siberia. It will be presented to media on Saturday. It is the first ever floating nuclear power station in the world.

 Built by the state atomic power firm Rosatom, the 472 x 90 foot (144 x 30 meter) ship holds two reactors with two 35 megawatt atomic reactors that are like those used to control icebreaker ships. The 21,000-ton freight ship will be towed in the late spring of 2019 to the port of Pevek in the Chukotka, Russia.

The barge can create enough power to provide electricity to a town of 200,000 inhabitants, significantly more than the 5,000 live in Pevek, Russia. It will be essentially used to control oil facilities as Russia pushes advance north into the Arctic to penetrate for oil and gas and needs power in far-flung areas.

Vitaly Trutnev, who is responsible for the development and activity of floating nuclear power stations at Rosatom, said such units would supply heat and power to the most remote locales. In addition, it will also support the growth and development in the region.

He said utilization of such reactors can spare 50,000 tons of carbon dioxide emanations every year. The barge had at first been planned to be fuelled in Saint Petersburg, however that work was moved to Murmansk rather because of worry in the world along the Baltic Sea.


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