All You Need To Know About Facebook BFF Hoax


From a few days, Facebook BFF hoax is much viral on the internet. There is news circulating on social media that Mark Zuckerberg invented word “BFF”. The post is insisting people to type BFF in a comment on Facebook to know whether their account is safe. In addition, it also asked to immediately change your password if it does not appear green.

The claim’s origin remains unclear but, yet like numerous different gossipy tidbits about Facebook highlights, it spread far and quick. Majority of these news are false including the recent Facebook BFF hoax.

On 23 October 2017, Mashable revealed Facebook’s presentation of a then-new element including words in remarks that activated movements. Among them were “congrats,” “xoxo,” and “BFF”.

Facebook is Experimenting New Features

Facebook has been exploring different avenues regarding these for a short time — you’ve most likely observed them on posts with the words “congrats” or “xoxo” (or some variety thereof.) When posted, these words show up as an alternate shading and tapping on them triggers a concise animation (hearts, balloons, etc.)

Presently, Facebook is refreshing the rundown of words that trigger these movements. Increments include: “bff”, “rad”, “thank you such much”, and “lmao”. All of those words will now accompany their own particular animation effects and colors.

Despite the fact that without a doubt Facebook remarks including “BFF” in green are among known movements, its appearance is not identified with account security in any capacity. A missing green “BFF” does not show anybody’s account privacy is threatened. However, it usually results because of the browser settings.


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