Amazing Japanese Steampunk Watches


FRISK_P, Japanese designer, designed some amazing Steampunk watches. However, these watches are not like practical compact watches but are in a perfect working condition. Steampunk watches are made from some daily use items such as bicycle bells, watch straps, and USB lights. The short descriptions of these watches are provided below.

Tube Canister Design

The watch is based on a unique design as it has six tubes or canisters inside a metal cage. Canisters placed over the box decorated with trims, and it all lies on a leather band with two leather straps. The watch shows time in bright blue lights.

Rotor Blade Steampunk Watch

It is a heavy watch and its leather wrist strap seems like a rotor or fan on top, which is actually its dial. It displays time in mid-air, including another hand that moves around. However, the time just displays on the spinning of the rotor. Watch’s bracelet is made up of two straps to hold the machine. A person can also turn off or on a dial through a button.

The Quill Writing Watch

The watch features special theme as there is a man sitting at his desk. In addition, it also has a quill and tablet. When a person wearing watch wants to know a time, the strange man starts writing time with the quill dipped in an ink pot. After person views the time, the man on watch erases the time and puts the quill back in the ink pot.


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