Apple Credit Card Will Be Available From The Next Year


Apple Credit Card will be soon available to the users.

Apple Credit Card will soon become reality as the company is in talks with Goldman Sachs. However, Goldman Sachs is the renowned American investment bank. It will offer in-store loans to Apple clients or customers.

Goldman Sachs previously acquired a credit card startup, Final. Several employees from Final also joined Goldman Sachs’s new banking division. It also has a partnership with renowned American Express. However, now they are looking towards the consumer credit card market. On the other side, Apple is aiming to attract its customers towards Apple Pay.

Both companies will get benefit from the deal as they will easily improve weaknesses in their business operations. Apple is now more focused on App Store sales, streaming-music subscriptions, and mobile payments. The partnership will also grow further in other domains including Goldman Sachs’s loans to Apple customers. However, in-store loans will help Apple users to buy gadgets and iPhones.


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