Apple will not use Intel Chipsets in its iPhones Range


Apple refused to use Intel chipsets in its iPhones from next year.

According to sources, Apple decided that it will not use Intel chipsets in iPhones from 2019. However, Intel hybrid chips with 5G support, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi were in question.

Earlier, Intel was significantly relying on Apple to boost the sales of the modem component. Now, they have sealed development work and decided to transfer the development team workers to other departments.

Previously, Apple utilized Qualcomm’s chips in its phones. Later, the legal dispute between both companies enforced Apple to look for other options.

Some technical analysts believe that Apple started the implementation of Mediatek’s chips in iPhones. However, Mediatek is the Taiwanese company which develops chips. The company also developed 5G supported chipsets. However, no smartphone manufacturer up till developed a 5G supported smartphone.


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