Apple will rebuild Popular Maps App on iPhones, Sources


Apple is rebuilding one of the widely used mapping applications on iPhones from the ground up with company’s own dataset.

Apple is looking to rebuild the Maps App on iPhones with its own data. However, TomTom NV will remain the data provider for maps app. The company did not reveal that how the company’s use of TomTom would compare to the previous utilization. However, TomTom shares significantly dropped after the news.

Apple revealed that it is solely rebuilding the Maps App. However, it is the most frequently used application on iPhones. The data will be collected by company’s own fleet of sensor equipped vans along with the anonymous data of users.

The company said that they will start the rollout this year with the updated maps of Northern California. However, after the circulation of this news, TomTom shares dropped by five percent and closed at 7.76 Euros.


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