Cambridge Analytica Is Closing Due To Facebook Data Breach Scandal


Cambridge Analytica along with its parent company SCL Elections Ltd is going to shut down.

However, it is due to the ongoing pressure from Facebook Data Breach Case. Regarding severe criticism on the fraudulent use of Facebook data, the British company was decided to shut down Cambridge Analytica. According to the British media, the company’s website has been announced that we are facing baseless allegations. They further added that it enforcing us to close their business.

Cambridge Analytica was served for the campaign of the US President Trump in the 2016 US Presidential Elections. The company is accused of misusing the data of 8 million Facebook users. In a statement, the company says that due to the negative media coverage consumers and suppliers have gone away from the company, which has resulted in the loss of clients and business. Remember, last year’s social networking website, Mark Zuckerberg, announced the announcement of more options for users to secure their data. Mark Zuckerberg introduced Facebook ‘Clear History’ tool in Facebook, with which users will be able to easily delete their old data from Facebook.


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