Carbon-Free Aluminum To Be Made Part Of iPhone SE


Apple announced to purchase the first extensive batch of carbon-free aluminum to be made part of the iPhone SE at a low cost to limit the amount of carbon from the metal of its product. Details are still awaited.

The apple manufacturer mainly iPhone are concerned over the carbon metal usage that emits greenhouse gases from the smelting process and has raised seriously concerned over the environmental guideline.

Apple’s Green Bond project is a new light that has let the company invest $4.7 billion in research to make it applicable to use. Now the new technology has resulted in eco-friendly initiatives producing aluminum without carbon emissions. Apple’s vice president of environment, policy, and social initiatives said in a statement to commit to leaving the planet in a better position than it was discovered. Green bonds are tools to take this initiative forward.

Apple bought a limited batch of lab-made metal from Elysis in 2019, a joint venture among the two aluminum producers — Alcoa Corp and Rio Tinto. Elysis is planning to profit-orient its technology that makes ceramic anode to make oxygen emits by 2024.


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