Cities will Face High Rise in Floods and Extreme Heat Wave by 2050, Research


Cape Town: According to the latest research, cities will face high rise in extreme heat wave and flooding.

Researchers warned that by 2050, majority of global cities will face extreme heat wave, power blackouts, and coastal flooding. They also revealed that people may also face food and water shortages due to the climate changing emissions.

Right now in excess of 200 million individuals in 350 cities confront normal day by day top temperatures of no less than 95 degrees Fahrenheit (35 degrees Centigrade) for three months per year. However, it is according to the C40 cities study which is a network of different cities dealing with climate changes. However, according to researchers, by 2050, in excess of 1.6 billion individuals in 970 urban areas will confront those conditions.

C40 Cities Deputy Executive Director, Kevin Austin, also highlighted the issue and considered it a wake up call. He said that there is a dire need to urge urban areas to embrace a greater amount of sufficient measure. In addition, they should also actualize them as fast as could be expected under the circumstances. He further added that the rising number of people influenced by an extreme heat wave will be (substantially) more prominent than today on the off chance that people keep on increasing ozone harming substances because of current circumstances.


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