Cloud Play on the Horizon In the Advancing Video Game Industry


Los Angeles: Video gaming scenarios are changing as the Cloud Play is gaining popularity among the gamers.

Companies are taking a keen interest in the Cloud Play on Horizon to maximize their user’s base and revenue. Gaming console manufacturers are looking for different ways to play, with the Cloud Play on the horizon. Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft are key players in the gaming console industry with PlayStation, Switch, and Xbox respectively. However, on Tuesday, the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) show floor opened at Los Angeles.

However, the industry event is basically focused on the games themselves. The aim is to promote the idea that games could be played as the hosted service on the internet cloud. However, it would be based on the array of devices from PCs to smartphones.

The Electronic Software Association (ESA) arranges E3. However, the participation of gamers from several countries and over 60,000 industry insiders is expected in the 3 day event. The video gaming industry is rapidly growing as it recorded the worldwide revenue of $116 billion last year. Gaming console manufacturers are taking vital lessons from the mobile games. They are developing the communities of online video gamers where they can subscribe to services, stream play, provide feedback, and do the in-game purchases.


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