Data is Safe and End to End Encrypted, WhatsApp Claimed


New York: WhatsApp management claimed that the data of its users is totally safe as the company uses end to end encryption for the data protection. WhatsApp is one of the leading and most used communication apps all over the world. It has around 1 billion active users and widely acknowledged as the safe app. Facebook, renowned social media platform, acquired WhatsApp in 2014.

Why there is Concern about WhatsApp Security?

Facebook is currently facing allegations of data leak as the data of around 87 million users is leaked to the British company, Cambridge Analytica. Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, also admitted the company’s failure to save its users data. In addition, he also apologized during his Congressional appearance.

People are showing their concerns about WhatsApp security as it is a child company of Facebook. Some critics also believe that nothing is free in the world and WhatsApp may utilize users’ data for its personal interest.

Reply by WhatsApp’s Management                           

WhatsApp’s management strongly denies all such allegations and said that the application is totally safe to use. They further said that they are not collecting or storing any sort of information from users except some required data. They also elaborated that the in-app messaging is totally safe as all messages are end to end encrypted.

WhatsApp’s Spokesperson said that we give high value to the data security and privacy of our customers. We do not keep track of your family members or friends whom you messaged. He also gave a clarification about WhatsApp Groups. He said that these groups are totally safe to use as each member gets a notification when a new person joins a group. In addition, group members can also view details of each group member such as name, phone number, etc.


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