Dynamic Emails in Gmail: Google Introduces New Feature


Google has introduced dynamic emails in Gmail that will make the whole process of interacting smart and convenient.

If you look at the regular Gmail, you have to open a new tab or wander out of the application on your phone in case you have to verify a new account, RSVP an event or fill a questionnaire. Even for Google Documents, you have to leave Gmail’s platform.

However, Google has made some very interesting and useful changes to the whole structure of how dynamic emails in Gmail works.

Dynamic Emails in Gmail:

With dynamic emails, you can easily RSVP an event, comment on Google Docs, verify a new account and even fill a questionnaire while staying inside the Gmail platform. Somewhat like Instagram, where you don’t have to leave the application to open a new link.

All the up to date events and threads will stay on the top. Moreover, you can see all the comments and reply to them in your notification email.

According to Google’s blog, many businesses have already started using dynamic email and it has made their work more actionable. Google has also mentioned Pinterest and OYO Rooms taking up such dynamic practices in the past.

Google claims the dynamic email to be completely safe and secure as all the other Google services. Even though third-party applications, websites, and services are included, they cannot get any of your details.

Dynamic email is only available for Gmail’s own application, if you are using another app with your Gmail account, you will not get the update.


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