Facebook Asian Data Centre worth $1 bn will be built in Singapore


According to sources, Facebook Asian Data Centre will be built of worth $1 billion in Singapore.

Facebook Asian Data Centre in Singapore will be the first Facebook Data Centre in Asia and will cost $1 billion. Renewable energy will be utilized for its operation and it will also be adapted to the Singapore’s climate.

Facebook Asian Data Centre will be operational from 2022. Facebook vice president of infrastructure data centres, Thomas Furlong said that it will host the servers of company. In addition, it will also centralize its IT operations.

The 170,000 square meters site will be stacked more than 11-stories. In addition, it will accompany default features to adapt to the hot temperatures, which once in a while dip under 25 Degrees Centigrade.

These incorporate another best in class cooling framework which utilizes water as opposed to air and will work better in the stickiness, and also a building exterior made of lightweight material to take into consideration better wind flow.

The organization anticipates that it will be kept running on 100 percent sustainable power sources, similar to its other data centers.

The Sg$1.4 billion ($1.02 billion) building will be the first data centre constructed and designed by Facebook in Asia. However, the organization progressively depends on custom-manufactured offices to address its issues

Facebook Asian Data Centre will be the 15th company’s data centre around the world.


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