Facebook is Going Through Philosophical Changes, Mark Zuckerberg


Washington: Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, said that the company is attempting to change itself. These changes will be in the light of current data security issue. He told US senators that he wanted to save Facebook from any strict action.

Mark Zuckerberg addressed the joint hearing of US Senate’s Commerce and Judiciary committees on different issues. He gave his perspective on the use of Facebook by Russians to influence elections. Mark Zuckerberg also discussed the data breach and security issues related to Facebook. He said that the company is going through the philosophical shift. Mark further added that we are working on initiatives that can improve user privacy.

Mark Zuckerberg also offered his apologies to the US lawmakers during his appearance in the congressional hearing on the data breach issue. He said that the company is committed to making adequate changes but it will take some time to keep things on track.

Remarks of the Holding Committee

Senator Charles Grassley, the member of the holding committee, said that Facebook Scandal is a clear breach of users’ trust that also involves an improper data transfer. He said that the current data breach scandal also revealed that users are not fully aware of their data usage and they do not know that how their data can be collected, transferred, protected, and misused. He further added that the Committee will arrange a separate hearing that will explore different data privacy issues.

Facebook is facing an intense criticism from people around the globe as data of around 87 million people was breached. According to sources, the data was utilized by Cambridge Analytica to influence 2016 US Presidential Elections. In February, thirteen Russians were charged for interference in elections by utilizing social media. Robert Mueller, US Special Counsel also charged three Russian companies for the data breach.


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