Facebook to redesign main feed to attract more young consumers


One of Meta’s forums, Facebook is about to redesign its main feed for new content. The Facebook “home” app will start featuring a popular post from the accounts the users don’t follow. The post will include reels and stories.

The ranking of post suggestions will be by a machine learning ranking system and is investing in artificial intelligence (AI). The feed is believed to have a chronologically ordered, said Mark Zuckerberg, Chief Executive Officer.

In May, tests of a more “immersive” TikTok-style viewing experience were made public through the Instagram app. Additonally, in April, Zuckerberg informed investors that Meta was making large expenditures to support the “discovery engine” strategy.

Chris Cox, Chief Product Officer informed staff earlier this month that the company intended to expand the number of graphic processing units (GPUs) in its data centers by a factor of five by year’s end to give more computing capacity for AI.


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