Facebook Wireless Oculus Headset in VR Has Been Revealed


Facebook Wireless Oculus Headset in VR Has Officially Been Unveiled and Prices $399

On Wednesday, Facebook revealed an upgraded version of the Oculus virtual reality headset. The social media giant claims it has the power to handle the intensive graphics of digital worlds and will provide a wire-free experience.

The new Oculus Quest headset was showcased at the Facebook’s developer conference. The presenters stated that the VR headset is aimed at gamers who want to experience more realistic immersion in virtual worlds.

When revealing the new hardware, Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg said, “This is the wireless virtual reality experience we have been waiting for.”

The Facebook Wireless Oculus Headset standalone VR headset boasts about quality experiences which although don’t defer much with the Oculus Rift, however, will come without wires. The headset is scheduled to hit the markets early in 2019 with a price tag of $399.

Oculus vice president Hugo Barra also compared Quest with its predecessor and revealed that the capabilities of Quest in comparison with Rift and the portability of Go, the current headgear in the company’s lineup will come with a strong focus on games.

Rift was the first VR gear released by Facebook-owned Oculus, however, it needed to be plugged into computers which were powerful enough to handle the games’ graphic-rich, immersive nature.

Meanwhile, Go is a lightweight portable headset designed for virtual reality.

Star Wars and other Exciting Games at Bay

Mark Zuckerberg explained that Oculus will come with 50 new game titles available at launch, including “Vader Immortal,” which will allow Quest users play through the opening episode of a new virtual reality experience. The game is set in a castle of infamous “Star Wars” villain Darth Vader, and users will be able to experience the out-of-space feeling.

The “Star Wars” virtual reality experience was described as a combination game and the indulgent film.

He said a speed bump was included on the road to adoption which will help Quest make virtual relaity more convenient and portable.

He also explained that another challenge was to create a vast, enriching ecosystem of games, meeting spaces, films, and other experiences in virtual reality.

The two-day Connect conference was intended to inspire software makers to help create that ecosystem.

“We are going to make some big leaps in both technology and content,” Zuckerberg told the gathering.

“This is all still early, but this is the basic road map.”

Virtual World Visits

Anshel Sag, who is an analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy, said the Quest comes with a reasonable price and can make it easier to get into virtual reality gaming.

“I think this brings console quality gaming and experiences to a price point that previously wasn’t possible,” Sag said.

“It makes it easier to get into virtual reality without spending a lot of money,” he continued.

Despite technology advances in recent years, virtual reality gear remains an ideal play accessory that many video game lovers want and hasn’t been abandoned by mainstream with consumers.

Facebook’s vision of virtual reality goes far beyond than games where an online social networking player can go visit one another.

“There is simply no substitute for being there,” vice president of augmented and virtual reality Andrew Bosworth told the media.

“Tools we are building in AR and VR have the opportunity to answer the question of what it would be like to be transported,” he added.


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