Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg Admitted Messenger Chat Scanning


California: Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg admitted the scanning of private chats of Facebook Messenger. He said that messenger scans all of the content including messages, voicemail, photos, videos, etc. with its automatic system. The system instantly scans all messages sent through messenger. However, it helps Facebook to ensure that the sent message should not be against the Facebook community policies. He further added that we block the message if we find the material against our policies.

How Does it Work?

Mark Zuckerberg explained that the system gets activated when two people start chatting on messenger. It utilizes a specific technique to ensure that the scanned picture should not be related to child abuse. In addition, the system also scans the possible presence of any virus or malware in the sent link.

Link with Facebook Data Breach Controversy

From a few days, Facebook is facing intense criticism from the public across the globe. A third party app collected data that later sold to the British company Cambridge Analytica. According to sources, data of around 87 million users was leaked to the company. However, Facebook is updating its security policies to avoid any unfortunate incident in the future. In addition, Facebook is also updating its policies related to third-party applications.


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