Global Bitcoin price reached to new 6 months high


According to sources, Bitcoin price is now significantly increased.

Bitcoin price has seen a raise of over 6% and crossed the $5,700 barrier, a new 6 month high. However, the reason is due to the technical forces as no immediate news catalysts sending the cryptocurrency higher.

Bitcoin price was last at $5,680 on the Bitstamp exchange, taking gains this year for the original and biggest virtual currency to nearly 55%.

Other major cryptocurrencies such as Ripple’s XRP and Ethereum, their prices are often seen as correlated to Bitcoin, also moved higher.

Earlier it was revealed that HTC is launching the blockchain technology based smartphone named HTC Exodus. HTC Exodus will be the first phone from HTC that works on the blockchain technology. The move takes after those of Facebook and others as of late to upgrade the selection of blockchain-based applications.


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