Gmail Offline Mode: Read, Compose, and Reply Your Messages Offline


Google updated Gmail app and now with Gmail Offline Mode you can easily compose, reply, and read your messages offline.

Gmail Offline Mode is a new feature that is revealed during the Google I/O developer conference. Google now officially made it possible to read, compose, and reply to your messages without an internet connection. However, Gmail Offline Mode is just available to Chrome users. You have to download Google Chrome to access the offline mode of Gmail. In addition, you will also need to switch to the new Gmail app. However, if you enable offline mode from the old Gmail, then you will probably end up with the limited functionality. First, you have to make a switch from the old Gmail. Then click the setting icon under the setting menu option. In the next step, click offline, then you have to check the box “Enable offline Email”.

From that point forward, you will see a couple of subtle elements show up after you empower Gmail Offline Mode like security, sync settings, and storage. The storage demonstrates to you how much storage space you are utilizing for offline mail on your PC, which changes relies upon your hard drive measure. The Sync settings option enables you to choose whether to store messages from the last 7, 30 or 90 days alongside the attached files. Also, the security option gives you a chance to choose whether or not deleted the offline data.

Once you’ve influenced your determinations to hit “Save Changes” and you’ll be ready. Now, the majority of your messages and attachments will be downloaded and you will have the option to see them later. The new Offline Mode for Gmail is awesome for any individual who needs to manage bunches of messages regularly and needs to manage them at whatever point and any place he/she does as such.


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