Google I/O 2018: Android P Amazing Features Revealed


Google I/O 2018 was conducted at California and Android P key features are also highlighted in the event.

Android P is acknowledged as “Digital Wellness”. However, smart gestures are also included to compete with Apple’s navigation gestures. The OS makes it convenient for the user to use the smartphone with just one hand.

Google revealed that the machine learning is the core of Android P. However, it makes smartphone advanced and makes it easier for the smartphone to learn and adapt from the user. The aim is to assist phone to analyze that which apps and settings are preferred by the user. However, it will reduce the power consumption by saving the battery from the drainage. In addition, Google also partnered with DeepMind to develop the “Adaptive Battery” program that will assign more battery power to the highly used apps.

The App Timer will be also a great feature of Android P. Users will get a nudge once the phone’s battery reaches to end. The beta version of Android P is currently available on few devices that are Sony Xperia XZ2, Nokia 7 Plus, Vivo X21, Essential PH‑1, Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S, Google Pixel, Oppo R15 Pro, and OnePlus 6.


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