Google Redesigned Gmail to Give Tough Time to Microsoft Outlook


San Francisco: Google revealed first Gmail redesign since 2013. According to sources, changes were made to cater better offline functionality and security. The redesign is also crucial for Gmail to effectively compete with Microsoft Outlook.

Google decided to make an update to the G Suite Workplace Bundle. Earlier, G Suite also added spreadsheet and instant messaging features. With Gmail, Google said it rebuilt email stockpiling databases, bound together three dueling frameworks for matching up messages crosswise over gadgets and overhauled PCs supporting the administration. That move to Google’s self-created Tensor processing chip empowers features such as “nudges” to react to overlooked messages and”suggested replies” to the messages.

Gmail Security Updates

Google’s Bank said the update was required principally to give offline access to up to ninety days of messages for clients who utilize the feature. People who use “confidential” option when sending an email can time-constrain its entrance to beneficiaries and furthermore require they enter a one-time password sent to their telephones to peruse it.

The new setting does not abrogate corporate email maintenance arrangements or present new snags to law requirement. Technical analysts believe that Google’s move will result in a healthier competition between Google and Microsoft.


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