Huawei mistrust threatens China technology ambitions


Huawei mistrust is posing serious threats to the ambitions related to the China technology.

China is ambitious to dominate 5G, the next generation technology. However, due to Huawei mistrust it is facing the sudden reality check. There is a fear that telecom companies such as Huawei may become a proxy for China’s security apparatus.

5G mobile communication is the next milestone in the digital revolution. However, it will bring the vast data capacity and the near-instantaneous connectivity. In addition, it will also enable the adaptation of future technologies such as automated cars and artificial intelligence.

With the expected rollout of 5G in the upcoming years, the race to dominate the standards and to control the data traffic and security is increasing. However, there is already a high tech rivalry in China and the United States.

Huawei possesses the status of the leading world supplier of equipment for different telecom systems. However, if they lose the access to the huge Western markets then their ability to grow and finance R&D will be affected.


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