IBM smart watch is under development, will be able to turned into tablet


IBM is seeking an experiment by turning a smart watch into a tablet.

Work on IBM smart watch is under progress. However, IBM took an opportunity and showed there keen interest in converting the smart watch into a tablet, where every other company is doing their experiments with their products.

We live in an era where a product needs to be user friendly so it could be used by any age group, design or specifications are secondary. It should be cost effective also at some distinct if we consider the interest of buying the best product. This smart watch turning into a tablet could fill the small gap in the market among the new launches we see. We can call it most anticipated invention if IBM pulls it off.

It will be something out of the box with letting the user decide that if they want to use it on two display panels or four display panels. The minimum size is considered to 3×2 taking it to the maximum size to 12×8 inches.


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