iCloud: Latest MacOS Version Allows You To Store All Your Messages


Apple revealed the new version of MacOS High Sierra that supports the storage of messages in iCloud.

The Latest MacOS version allows users to store all their important messages on iCloud.  The new version is compatible on all Macs and can be downloaded through the Mac App Store. The MacOS 10.13.5 allows you to store your attachments and messages in the Apple iCloud.  It is usually available on all Apple’s devices when you sign in into the iMessage account. However, attachments, photos, and messages can be easily saved through the Mac, iPad, or iPhone.

Apple’s cloud automatically updates the message history and saves space in your phone by saving files in the cloud storage. However, if you delete an attachment, photo, or message from one device, it would be deleted from all Apple’s devices.

You can activate it by updating your iPad and iPhone to the latest iOS and your old MacOs to the new one. Then you have to sign-up to iCloud and login with the same Apple ID on all Apple’s devices. In the next step, you have to turn on 2 factor authentication for your Apple ID.


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