IDEAS 2018: Pakistan revealed GIDS Shahpar drone


Pakistan introduced the multi role GIDS Shahpar drone in the International Defence Exhibition and Seminar or IDEAS 2018 today.

GIDS Shahpar drone is introduced during IDEAS 2018. However, the drone is developed by Global Industrial Defence Solution. The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) or drone has an ability to fly at the height of 17000 feet for maximum 7 hours.

GIDS Shahpar is the medium range tactical UAV System. However, it supports autonomous take-off and landing. In addition, it can carry different sort of  payloads for the day and night surveillance. Its other features are geo referencing and geo pointing for terrestrial targets, mission planning, lateral, longitudinal trajectory control, management and control, etc.

GIDS Shahpar drone has the ordinary look but the advanced UAV has different cameras. In addition, it can also see up to the 250 km radius and can also operate in any weather.

Vice Chief of Naval Staff Kaleem Shaukat introduced the drone at IDEAS 2018 in the defense conference today.


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