Increase in Human-like Robots Production Ignite Fear and Fascination


Increase in the Production of Human-like Robots is Both Fascinating and Horrifying

Creating human-like robots has become a popular trend these days. Earlier this year, a humanoid robot named Sophia even received her Saudi citizenship by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Another humanoid, Erica, chatted with a man from the audience and stunned the viewers of Madrid.

Erica and the other humanoids are made an important focus of robotic research, as their human appearance could be the thing we need to include these machines into our daily lifestyle.

Erica was presented in front of an audience, and man to her side, “You mentioned project management. Can you please tell me more?” the man asked Erica, who was playing the role of an employer.

According to her creators, she may not understand the conversation, however, she has been trained to respond using detected key words.

Regardless, during this age of humanoid creation, a source of controversy was created due to fears for the lack of human employment because of robots. However, researchers still beg to differ and claim that these robots will benefit us.

“In ageing societies, robots will coexist with humans sooner or later”, said Hiroko Kamide, a Japanese psychologist who specializes in relations between humans and robots.

Humanoid, not human

Atlas, which is a humanoid robot created by Boston Dynamics, is programmed to run on different types of surfaces.

In Madrid, Marc Raibert, founder of the US firm, displayed a video of Atlas doing a back-flip.

“While it may not be the only form used for those coming into contact with humans, it’s easier for people to accept the robots when they have human-like faces because people can expect how the robots will move, will react,” said Kamide.

They understand humans

For one of the makers named Hiroshi Ishiguro, who is  a professor at Osaka University says, “humanoids are above all a very important tool to understand humans”.

Jurgen Schmidhuber, who is the president of artificial intelligence start-up NNAISENSE, said that whether robots are humanoids or not, they will become a part of our future.


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