India Requested WhatsApp to Prevent Spread of False News


India asked WhatsApp to take adequate steps to prevent the circulation of rumors and false news in the country.

India requested famous social media app WhatsApp to take steps that can stop the circulation of fake images, videos, and news.

WhatsApp mesages circulating in India are making people violent. Recently, a message enforced a mob of 50 to 60 people to beat 2 innocent men. The mob became suspicious due to the fake message which elaborated that some people were going to murder the locals. In addition, the message also revealed that the murderers will then sell their body parts.

The content of the message was written in Hindi. According to the message, 500 people acknowledged as beggars were roaming in the nearby area so they can kill people for the harvesting of their organs. The WhatsApp text also urged receivers to forward it to as much as possible. However, police later confirmed that the message was fake.


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